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Wild Wonder Workshops are opportunities for Discovery Scouts discover the world.  They can take many different forms but are designed to get our Discovery Scouts out into the world exploring.


We aim to enhance the Scouts’ understanding of nature and science and instill in them a love of nature and a desire to explore at a young age.  A young child who becomes fascinated by science may grow up to be a scientist.  We strive to help our Scouts discover their interests and passions through amazing adventures.


Many of us remember the wonder and awe of standing before the skeleton of 50 foot tyrannosaurus rex and feeling so very small, or seeing a polar bear with teeth and claws and being glad it can’t break out of the glass case!  Many of us remember the first time we tried an experiment and it worked, the first time we saw how a dam works, or how the heart pumps blood through the body.  You can create these memories with your child and share in the adventure.


Along with our Scouts, other children in the community may be interested in the adventure, so you can advertise through posters and flyers and even put an announcement in the local paper.




Science museums or Natural History museums often hold FUN tours for very young children.  And most have a children’s section, which can delight and amaze for hours.  If you are bringing a big group, notify the museum ahead of time and they may be able to arrange for a private tour.


There are experiments which can be done by small children, and our Discovery Scouts will be amazed by the menagerie of animals, experiments, and experiences, whether it’s looking nose to nose to a lion from the Serengeti to walking through a cave with stalagmites.


Our Scouts get the opportunity to have FUN while developing their creative and critical thinking skills.


Petting Zoos


A petting zoo is a great place to take small children.  They get the chance to personally interact with the animals, to pet them, hold some of the animals, and occasionally even feed them.


Petting zoos can be located on the internet.  Some even provide a mobile petting zoo which brings the animals to you.  A good place to hold a mobile petting zoo is a park, but get permission from appropriate authorities first.


Experts are on hand to answer any questions and educate the Scouts about what the animals eat, how they behave, and where they sleep.


Many children never get the chance to feed a goat or pet a horse or hold a bunny, and this is a great chance for the Scouts to experience being around animals.


Use your imagination.  Many different places can be FUN for Scouts from parks to zoos.  This is the chance for our Discovery Scouts to get out and experience adventure!

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