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Our Scouts take part in several parties, and one of them is the Veggie Tasting Party.  Parents know how tough it can be to get kids to eat their vegetables, but we go about it in a FUN, adventurous way.


Scouts choose the vegetables they want to try, and cut them up, with parental help and supervision, into small pieces so everyone can have a taste.  Scouts need only take a taste; they do not like, they do not have to eat it.  Scouts are free to choose veggies like carrots and broccoli if they want, but we encourage them to be adventurous and try more exotic vegetables they may never have eaten or even seen before!


Ideas include:  Adzuki beans, leeks, bok choy, currants, Swiss Chard, Radiccio, Japanese Bunching onions, endive, and jicama.


The idea of vegetables loses its fearsome quality when it’s made into an adventure!  Adventurers eat the food that is locally available wherever they go.  This gives our Scouts to the opportunity to try produce from all over the world.


The same type of party can be held with fruit.  A Fruit Tasting Party could feature:  Avocado, lychee, starfruit, sugar apples, passion fruit, pomegranate, guava, and kiwi.


We know that childhood obesity has become an epidemic, and that youth should eat healthier.  This is a good way to introduce our Scouts to knew tastes while making it FUN and adventurous.  The knowledge that they do not have to eat if they do not want to also helps them to try it. 


We bring health and adventure together in the Veggie Tasting Party, and help our Scouts build confidence and resourcefulness by trying something new.

Adventure Scouts USA