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A tea party is a chance for Scouts to do something grown up in their way.  Children love to do “grown up” things and make their own choices.


Younger children love to hold tea parties with their dolls and stuffed animals.  Many hold pretend tea parties with empty cups, but it’s more FUN to have an actual tea party.


Setting Up a Tea Party


A large table should be secured with enough room for the Scouts, their parents, and their dolls.  Scouts can have FUN planning ahead of time by taking pieces of paper, folding them, and cutting out interesting designs.  These can be used as dollies at the tea party.


Our Scouts can make the tea ahead of time.  If there is a kitchen at their meeting location, they can use the kitchen or they can make the tea and bring it from home. 


A variety of teas can be brought to the meeting so the Scouts have a choice.  More than one teapot means they can make several different flavors. Parents can boil the water while Scouts choose a tea bag.


Alternatively, the Scouts can make lemonade.  They can squeeze their own lemons, add the sugar, and stir. 


Small cupcakes, petit four, or other goodies can be made or bought.  We do not advocate spending a lot of money.


Tea cups can be brought to the meeting, either toy sized tea cups, or normal sized tea cups, or a combination of both, one for Scouts, one for parents.


The tea should be allowed to cool before they drink it.  Once the tea is cool, teapots are put around the table and Scouts can pass them around so every Scout can taste each type of tea.


Scouts can enjoy their tea and talk with their friends. Children are wildly imaginative so Mr. Bearington can have a discussion with Eliza the doll.  It’s FUN and beneficial for young children to interact socially and use their imaginations.


Parents also get the chance to talk with other grown-ups and can sit at their own table if they like.


Our Scouts clean up.  They can bring their tea cups to the sink, wipe up crumbs, and help each other.  Scouts get the chance to develop their responsibility by cleaning up, and foster friendship by helping each other.

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