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Discovering Dance




Music is an irreplaceable part of our lives.  Many of us remember the first song that we heard as toddlers.  Music can make people happy, make them laugh, and make them cry.  Music is an essential part of movies; most movies would not be what they are without music.  Even as adults, when we hear music, it’s nearly impossible not to start moving around and tapping your foot.


This love of music starts early and there is some evidence that music benefits a baby in the womb.


Discovery Dance


Younger children love to dance and jump around.  We’ve all seen kids break into an impromptu dance just because it makes them happy.


Our Discovery Scouts determine what music they would like to listen to.  There is usually something acceptable for kids in almost every genre, but a variety of music is good.


Costumes and wigs can be provided for the Scouts, who are free to make up their own creative dances, individually or as a group.  Scouts also are free to create their own stories and act them out through dance.  Scouts can also attempt cartwheels or other gymnastics moves or routines with mats in place.


Choosing the Music


Music can be provided via radio, tape or CD.  It can be more FUN however to have a live band or music group perform.


Bands in the community also benefit from the chance to perform before a live audience.  


Musicians may be willing to perform for free knowing it is for a nonprofit organization.


If anyone knows of a high profile individual, who may be a parent themselves, who would like to perform, that would of course be a great experience.


However, the band can be as easy to find as our Rising or North Star Scouts or other youth who play in a band.  They too get experience performing before people.  Songs don’t need to be complicated, even strumming out a nursery rhyme is FUN for the performers.

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