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The Importance of Play 

Children love to imagine and act out plays.  They assume the identities of heroes, villains, and slapstick comedians.


Pretend play is healthy for youth.


How to Put On a Play


Scouts can break up into crews of no more than seven Scouts and each decides which play to put on. When choosing a play to act out, Scouts can choose from fairy tales or stories, which the majority of them probably know by heart.


Scouts also are free to make up their own stories as they go along. 




Old clothes, wigs, and other items can easily become costumes. Another simple choice is just to have the Scouts create their own masks out of paper plates, or use makeup to create a look for a character.


Scouts give their input on the costumes based on how the character would look or act.  The Big Bad Wolf will look and act different than Goldilocks.


A Stage


For a stage, it’s simple to just block off a part of the room.  Fabric or even a shower curtain can be used as a stage curtain.


Taking Turns


Each crew will put on their own play.  The FUN is perform for an audience and take on a different persona for a while.


It is also beneficial for Scouts to realize they have to sit still while the other crew perform.


The Audience


Parents and even friends who are not Scouts make a great audience.  Teams can mention to other parents and youth that a play is being put on and they are invited to come watch.


Scouts take a bow on stage after the play while the audience cheers.

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