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Pretend Play


Young children love to make up stories and put on plays.  Puppets are a great way for children to play and make up their own stories.


Making their own puppets and putting on puppet shows as well attending puppet shows can be FUN and safe ways for children to explore their environment.


Creating a Puppet Show


Scouts create their own puppets.  They can use paper bags or create them out of tin foil, felt, or a variety of other materials.  Glue, scissors, and glitter are good additions to bring along.


With child-proof scissors, they can cut out the shape they want for their puppet.  Individual eyes, clothes, and other details can be added and pasted on.


Another viable option is the glove puppet, in which the Scouts paint a face on each finger of a glove and move their fingers around as they act out their story.


Scouts use their imaginations to create puppets and give them names, a storyline, and personality characteristics.


Indoors or Out


Puppet shows can be put on indoors at the team meeting location.  A stage is as simple as a wooden box or crate.


Outdoor puppet shows are also a possibility.  Let parents, friends, and youth know their will be a puppet show.  Holding it in a park may attract an even bigger audience!  A picnic table or a “soap box” can be stage.


Scouts can break up into crews of 5 Scouts to put on their puppet shows.  Each crew takes a turn.  Scouts are likely to put on stories of fairy tales they all know or make up their own stories as they go along.  Creativity and imagination are most important.

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