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Discovery Scout Action Hero Sleepovers PDF Print E-mail

Our Discovery Scouts can participate in sleepovers in which they come dressed as their favorite action hero!  For Scouts this age, we recommend a parent accompany their Scout on the sleepover.


Action Hero Play


Our Scouts run fast, jump high, save the weak, and battle the strong.  They go on great adventures in which they heroically save the day! 


Pretend play is beneficial to our Discovery Scouts, allowing them to take on a new persona for a short time and to explore their world in a safe space.


Our Scouts develop confidence and coordination by taking part in action hero play.


Age appropriate activities and games are held to get our Discovery Scouts in on the action.  Ideas include writing in milk and using lemon juice to reveal a top secret message, and round robin about the good character their chosen hero displays.


This is one of the Discovery Scout activities that is also a Rising Star Scout activity.  It is also intended as a sibling activity in which younger siblings can attend with older siblings, enabling Rising Star Scouts to introduce their younger siblings to our Scout Programs in a FUN way, but of course every Discovery Scout is invited, whether they have a sibling in our Scout Programs or not.




We want our Scouts to experience true success in their lives.  We want our Scouts to have the great job and material success they deserve, but we want them to know the kind of success possible when they share their success with others.  True success comes from being of service to others and being of service to others makes a hero.


Who Can Be a Hero


Everyone can be an action hero in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.  Each of us has the opportunity to act heroically on behalf of others and some of us require heroic fortitude to just get through a situation.  Every school day, youth are in a position where they have to deal with peer pressure and potentially the taunts of others.  Our Scouts are heroes everyday when they stand up for themselves and each other.

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