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Welcome to Adventure Scouts USA! We can't wait for you and your family to become a part of our family. Right here you will find a summary of our Scout Programs, what makes us unique, information about our Scout Programs and how you can get started with a team of your own.

America’s future lies in the hope and promise of our youth, and of their aspirations being fulfilled. We encourage you to join us in our efforts to develop good character in others. Investing in the present is investing in the future. Realizing this vision requires our sustained commitment, your support, the participation of parents and interested individuals, and community support. At Adventure Scouts USA, we do more than just talk about improving the lives of youth. We do it. One child at a time.

A Summary of our Scout Program

We are a nationwide, modern, co-ed, fully nondiscriminatory Scout Program. Our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their meetings, programs and activities. They personalize their Scout experience and have FUN. They participate in everything from basketball to backpacking, snowboarding to stamp collecting. Adventure Scouts do it all!

What Makes Us Unique

• Adventure Scouts USA is the only fully nondiscriminatory Scout Program in the United States. The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are committed to inclusion in all forms and equality in practices and policies. Our adventure is for everyone!

• Our Scout Programs are coed. We created our Scout Programs as coed to make life easier for parents. Instead of running one child to one side of town and another child to the other, the entire family can participate in our Scout Programs.

• No one is going to join anything if they're not having FUN. Our Scouts choose, organize and lead their meetings, programs and activities, meaning they choose to do what is FUN for them rather than having their activities chosen for them. This helps them build creative and critical thinking skills and resourcefulness. Our Scouts have FUN because they are doing what is FUN for them.

We Offer Three Scout Programs for all Boys and Girls Ages 2 to 18

• The Discovery Scout Program is for youth ages 2 to 4.
• Discovery Scouts attend Scout activities with a parent.
• Wild Wonder Workshops, learning to play a sport , and Discovering Dance are a few of the many activities our Discovery Scouts participate in.

• The Rising Star Scout Program is for youth ages 5 to 10.
• Our Rising Star Scouts choose, organize and lead their meetings, programs and activities.
• Our Rising Star Scouts might choose to play their favorite sport, build and race their own soapbox racing car or hold a talent competition, just to name a few.
• Periodically, at particular team meetings, our Rising Star Scouts come to the meeting dressed up as their favorite action hero.

• The North Star Scout Program is for youth ages 11 to 18.
• Our North Star Scouts choose, organize and lead their meetings, programs and activities.
• Our North Star Scouts might choose to go on camping trips, play basketball or make their own music videos, just to name a few.
• Our Scouts 14 and older get the chance to participate in specialized adventures of their own, such as interacting with community leaders.


Adventure Scouts USA