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Discrimination is the act of making distinctions between people on the basis of category without regard to individual merit.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are distinguished because we are the only fully nondiscriminatory Scout Programs in the United States. 

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are committed to inclusion in all forms and equality in practices and policies.  The adventure is for everyone! We integrate equality into every part of our Scout Programs, at every level, in every resource, practice and policy. We operate our Scout Programs within the American Spirit.  In the United States, it is our wonderful diversity that is one of the attributes that make our nation so great.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA provide equal opportunities to all those qualified without regard to issues of identity.


diverse youth


In our Scout Programs, participation is valued and suggestions always appreciated.  We are consciously efficient and prudent with all resources and financial support.  At the core of our efforts is the development of modern FUN activities for our Scouts and Members.  These activities are offered to all our Scouts and their leadership on a meaningful nondiscriminatory basis.  We value the content of an individual’s good character.


Since the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are inclusive and bridge every community, our Scouts and members, have the privilege of working together with those from differing backgrounds and life experiences.  Our Scout Programs encourage teamwork and yet favorably encourage each of our Scouts to confidently be themselves although they are part of a team. 

Our Welcome Sign is for Everyone


It is a sad truth that many children and their families have been turned away from some youth organizations and told they cannot participate or find they are unwelcome.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are truly inclusive.  We encourage all those of good will to see how they can participate in our Scout Programs.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA create a safe welcoming environment for all.


We are aware that people are often categorized based upon their appearance, their ethnicity or race, their economic background, physical features, abilities, or other characteristics of identity.  These categories contribute to unfairly failing to see the potential in someone and restricting their future.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA  see everyone’s potential and encourages pursuit of each Scout’s interests.  We believe each deserves success based on that Scout’s hopes, dreams, and passions.


Ways in Which We Are Nondiscriminatory


When prosperity includes even those with less, the satisfaction is all the greater.  Our Scout Programs celebrate inclusion, and no one is left out because they cannot afford traditional participation or require accommodation.  Consequently, our Scout Programs are inclusive and do not isolate those who have different qualities.  Therefore, our Scout Programs treat everyone with profound respect and dignity.  We believe each and every one has a right to achieve an earned destiny, of their own choosing, which is dependent upon their unique abilities, talents and the content of their character.


Our Scout Programs are co-ed.  Girls and boys are both invited to join.  From school, to home, to work, to family, life is co-ed.  We believe our Scouts should participate in their activities as they will lead their lives – with boys and girls and men women contributing side by side.  All of the programs of Adventure Scouts USA are co-ed, and consequently everyone enjoys equal opportunities.  In the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, Jasmine and Justin both can be astronauts.  Our Scouts have the opportunity to discover their strengths and talents by playing any character they choose in the action hero portion of our Scout Programs,


Although we are a co-ed Scout Program, in which everyone enjoys equal opportunities, we do recognize there are differences in abilities.  An example of which is, some people run faster than others do.  Consequently, we have chosen to have our athletic activities focus on encouraging everyone reaching the finish line, rather than who came in first, while still fostering our Scouts’ competitive spirit. We appreciate there are differences between gender and abilities, and recognize there are different needs.  We encourage each of our Scouts to value their differences and the things they have in common with others, while inspiring them to realize their own potential.


Our Scout Programs welcome Scouts who are physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged.  Our Scouts all participate.  Our Scout Programs go the extra mile to make sure those with challenges can  participate.  If additional equipment is necessary, we make sure it is sought.  We make sure all our Scouts get the opportunity to participate and build confidence.  Our Scouts get the opportunity for shared experiences with other Scouts who may be different from themselves.

 Scouts of all faiths and worldviews are welcome in our Scout Programs.  We offer our Scouts the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge about their individual faith through our Religious Recognition Program,    We offer our Scouts, when appropriate, the opportunity to practic e their faith and fulfill religious responsibilities.  The legacy we are creating in our Scout Programs is to create a space where opportunities are equal and earned, and in which individuals are measured by their talents, abilities, and the content of their character. 

The Spirit of Inclusion


We concentrate on the spirit of our guidelines.  Our Scout Programs make it easy for our Scouts to meet and interact with others.  Our Scouts broaden their horizons by meeting Scouts from differing backgrounds and identities..  We encourage them to see the benefits of determining the value of an individual based upon the content of one’s character rather than their identity or background.


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA create an atmosphere of ease and comfort by allowing our Scouts to appreciate the differences of others in a FUN, stress-free atmosphere.

Adventure Scouts USA