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Our Scouts take part in modern, exciting activities

Our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities



The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are modern Scout programs for all.  Our programs, activities, philosophies, and guidelines are modern.  We stress democracy and free choice, we are fully nondiscriminatory, and we provide our Scouts with modern, FUN activities.


Modern Activities

Our Scouts have FUN because they choose, organize, and lead their own programs.  In most youth organizations, youth are told what they are going to do, and frankly some of those activities would put anyone to sleep!  If our Scouts choose to make bookmarks and color pictures, they are certainly free to choose that, but we do not expect many of our Scouts are going to be inspired by those activities.youth launching rocket


Our Scouts launch rockets, play soccer, hold video game tournaments,  mountain bike, build soapbox derby cars, and have movie nights.  Our Counselors are on-hand to insure health and safety, but the decision regarding which adventures to participate in belongs to our Scouts.


                                    FUN with a Purpose


We are interested of course in creating programs that are both practical and of interest to our Scouts.  Our Challenges present the opportunity for our Scouts to develop practical skills while having FUN.  Challenges are small projects which are part of the requirements necessary to earn a personal achievement award level.  A Challenge in the category of Sports may include teaching soccer to younger children.  Our Scouts get the opportunity to give back while doing what they love. Our Scouts develop creative and critical thinking and a set of skills that aid them the life long.


Our programs are interactive and challenging.  Both on a team and individual basis, our Scouts choose the activities they participate in.  While some activities are more demanding and thought provoking than others, we have strived to develop modern programs, which are especially attractive to youth, with an appreciation for the differences in their location, and unique qualities each of our Scouts possess.  Some require more time than others do.  We want our Scouts to do more than mere memorization and instead, to be able to analyze circumstances and information, and be able to use their capabilities to solve situations.  Therefore, we believe education and participation in our Scout Programs contribute to brighter futures.


Freedom and Choice


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA stress the importance of democratic choice.  Our nation’s commitment to the experiment of democracy started in the 1700’s and continues today.  The continuing path toward striving to create a society where each is respected and that the content of one’s character is the measuring stick rather than traits that make up one’s identity continues today.


While schools and parents play a significant part in developing responsible citizenship and good character in our youth, there is increasingly a demand for innovation in youth activities.


We are innovative because our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own programs.  The challenge confronting each of us is how to create modern programs that are FUN, attractive to youth and yet permit us to enhance good character instilled by parents.  We combine universal values that can be embraced by anyone, with free choice of activities in our modern programs.




The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are modern co-ed Scout Programs, which are accepting of all.  Our Scout Programs are based upon inclusion, and no one is left out because they cannot afford traditional participation or require accommodation. family


We encourage those with challenges in their lives to join in the FUN of our Scout Programs, and we make sure all our Scouts can participate.  If some of our Scouts need additional equipment or resources, those resources are sought.


Our Scout Programs are also co-ed. During the action hero play portion of our Scout Programs, everyone can play pirates, fire personnel, pilots, action heroes, and astronauts.  Our Scouts are never told they cannot play a certain role or achieve a goal because they are a certain gender or because of a challenge.


Our Scout Programs are for every child, every family, everywhere.  We are modern Scout Programs offering wholesome programs designed to inspire the best in everyone.

Adventure Scouts USA