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The Scout Movement is an international fellowship
Scout Programs and Scout Organizations exist in nearly every country in the world
Our Scouts are brothers and sisters to all other Scouts

The Scout Movement is an international fellowship and there are Scout Programs or Scout Organizations in nearly every country in the world. clip art of many children holding hands around the worldWithin the United States, there are multiple Scout Programs or Scout Organizations and we encourage all our Scouts and members to interact with those from other programs or organizations.

The Scout Movement, in its simplest form, provides activities which an individual finds appealing and relevant to their life, and which support the development of a way of living one's life and leading one's life.

Our Place in the Movement

We inspire and challenge others to do justice and help others compassionately. Our Scout Programs believe in helping others to help themselves. Our Scouts are united by their participation in the Scout Movement, their shared interests, and a desire to do well academically. Our Scouts' mutual interest in service to the greater community and helping others is a shared fundamental belief of the Scout Movement, as well as a desire for FUN, adventurous programs. Their solidarity helps them to be an instrument of purpose. Our Scout's choosing to live a life of purpose enables them to commit from their heart, all that they do. Consequently, they can always Give their Best.

A New and Unique Vision in the Scout Movement.

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA achieve these objectives by conscientiously developing Scout Programs that consider our Scouts as whole people. Character counts in the life of our Scouts and their lives are instilled with adventure and enhanced with a sense of wonder, and purpose. youth roasting marshmallowWe offer challenging programs that our Scouts choose, organize, and lead. Our Scouts are inspired to develop a compass with which to lead their life by their choosing to live their life by our Scout Promise, Scout Code, Scout Spirit, and by their Giving their Best in all they do. Our Scouts are also inspired by our Team Counselors who similarly undertake to conduct their life by the same guideposts.

The depth of our programs are an expression of the strength and confidence we have in our efforts. We have endeavored to be honest with ourselves and as those who are participating shape our programs, we recognize that certain details will necessarily change. Our Scout Program is an organic one, always in motion, always evolving and personalized as the Scouts, our counselors, and their community values change. We have proudly shaped a common vision and all should know from north to south, east to west, we are determined to succeed. We welcome and are determined to include all who wish to participate.

Our Scout Programs infuse society with the idea that character counts within a safe, FUN, challenging, and inviting environment for all. We take great strides to ensure that the positives each Scout has are encouraged and endeavor to assist in fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of every one of our Scouts. A significant strength of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA is its personalization by our Scouts, permitting them choice. One of the things we pride ourselves on is the inclusion of the skill of how to foster friendship. It is our desire that each one of our Scouts is well known to the other Scouts of their team and that friendship and, consequently, brotherhood be encouraged. What inspires our Scouts by interest or passion is encouraged.

During the average day youth experience fully structured days and few, if any, opportunities occur to make individual choices. Our Scout Programs prides themselves on assisting to fulfill the choices our Scouts make and offer unstructured time, which allows our Scouts to just have FUN.boy shooting off rocketWe honor the trustworthiness and abilities of our Scouts and therefore, nationwide, they creative, organize, and lead their own programs.

We encourage fresh support of the Scout Movement by welcoming all those who are interested and by offering a Scout Program which is personalized by our Scouts and therefore has greater appeal. We, of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, want to encourage more to experience the privilege of being a Scout. Our intent is to encourage more participation in the Scout Movement. As Scout Programs, we solemnly share the responsibility of the worldwide Scout Movement to foster Brotherhood. We shall faithfully stay true to the ideals of the Scout Movement and, to the best of our ability, encourage increased membership and support in the Scout Movement. We expect more from our Scouts and define standards of excellence with clear goals. That character counts is not merely an aspiration of ours but is a part of our standard of excellence. We value that each of our Scouts is unique, each one special in their own right.

One of our purposes is to produce a framework that allows for innovative, thoughtful programs while staying true to the Scout Movement and its purpose in its purest form-offering a way to live one's life and a way to lead one's life.




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