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We are a modern Scout Program, but we understand there are many people interested in being a Scout who prefer traditional Scouting.


What is Traditional Scouting?


Traditional Scouting is scouting based on the tenets and precepts of Baden Powell, a founder of the Scout Movement.  Also included are ideas from Ernest Thompson Seaton and Daniel Beard, also founders of the Scout Movement.  Traditional Scouts participate in traditional activities, such as building a fire without a match, using smoke signals, and flag signals, camping and outdoor skills.


Traditional Scouts also wear the traditional uniform, created by Baden Powell in 1908.  It generally consists of wool shorts and a shirt with a neckerchief and boots for boys, and a long skirt with a shirt and neckerchief for girls.


Traditional Scouts are Welcome!


Those who want to take part in traditional scouting are welcome in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.  We offer some traditional scouting activities, and if our Scout to take part in more, we enable them to do that.  Our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities.  If our Scouts want to participate in traditional activities, they do.


Our uniform is modern and inexpensive.  However, we consider the traditional Scout uniform an official uniform of our Scout Programs.  If Scouts would rather wear the traditional Scout uniform, they are free to do so.


Value can be found in traditions of the past, just as they can be found in the traditions of today.  We embrace the best of both and enable our Scouts to participate in the activities which appeal to them.

Adventure Scouts USA