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We share the concerns of parents and their desire to keep their children safe and happy.  As Scout Programs, we know that protecting youth is paramount.


We have created and implemented an extremely high level of youth protection in our Scout Programs, including background checks and fingerprinting.  We have also created our Scout Bill of Rights, to remind our Scouts of their rights and how to take care of themselves.  We also encourage our Scouts and their families to take charge of their own safety by creating family rules to keep kids safe.  Examples include making sure parents know where their children are going, what route they’re taking, and when to expect them back.  Some families also create a family “password.”  Anyone who comes to pick up the child with parental permission will know the password.


We encourage our Scouts to stand up for their own safety and their own rights.  We impart to our Scouts that they have a choice.  They can choose to act with character, they can choose to be responsible.  Our Scouts have a high level of choice in nearly every aspect our Scout Programs.  We also impart to our Scouts that they have choices lifelong. They have the right to stand up for their own safety, and we encourage our Scouts to spread the word about common sense legislation and candidates who work for their good.


We encourage all our members to make their voice heard and to research how candidates voted on issues effecting children when they vote.  Together, we can create a brighter future.

Adventure Scouts USA