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Our Scout Programs are family oriented

Parents are our Partners

Our activities are so FUN, families want to come and join in


The roots of our Scout Program run like that of a mighty Redwood.  Their roots go four to six feet deep, but spread to two hundred and fifty feet from the tree.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA include depth of family, by including multiple generations and extended family, as a part of its unique inclusion of family oriented program activities.  It is the wide root horizon of the Redwood that gives it stability.  Similarly, we welcome the participation of all to embrace the rich diversity that gives America its stability. active family


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are family-oriented.  We go the extra mile to offer opportunities for shared experiences that are convenient for the entire family.  This is one of the things that distinguish the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.  We promote strong families and strengthen family values by making time spent together as easy as possible.  We care about moral values, and we appreciation how the erosion of personal responsibility, and the breakdown of families contribute to a less stable society.  We make it easier for families to spend time together effortlessly in order to renew families and even help rebuild communities.


Each of our Scouts is unique.  Similarly families have different traditions, beliefs, faiths, world views, backgrounds and other characteristics from other families, and we appreciate those differences.


We Are Partners with Parents


In fact, the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA consciously believe so much in this ideal that it has chosen to relegate the highest position – that of Partner – to the parents and guardians of our Scouts.  Our Partnership with parents or guardians contributes to our ability to successfully promote strong families and strengthen family values.  We not only want our Partner/parent’s help, we need this help to better serve our Scouts.


Different Kinds of Families


We value the role parents play in the lives of their children.  Some of our Scouts have two parents in their lives, whereas others may have one.  Some live with aunts, uncles, grandparents, guardians, and foster families.  We value families as a cornerstone for the development of children.  Therefore, we welcome families regardless of how they are comprised. 


Time Spent with Family


There was a time when time spent with family was a natural occurrence.  Members of the family may have been doing separate things, but they were all under the same roof, and often in the same room.  Interaction and family communication occurred naturally.  Though, as modern Scout Programs, we certainly do not dispute the benefit of progress, parents and their children can often find themselves barely communicating in the modern world.  Bobby is in his room playing a video game online with someone from Australia.  He may know his new friend’s name, age, and if he has any pets, but he has barely said hello to his parents when he walked in.  Tara does not have time to sit down with the family for dinner because she has to race to ballet class, and catches a ride with friends who drive through a fast food restaurant.  Children’s lives have become so busy, it can seem like there are not enough hours in the day for parents and children communicate.


We provide a sense of balance to families in a hectic world.  We help families spend time together by being co-ed, inclusive, and by providing activities every member of the family can enjoy.  We are unique because we provide a space where young people can participate in a youth-oriented Scout program and also spend time with multiple generations and extended family members, often at the same time. 


FUN for Everyone


This time in the life of youth also belongs to parents, multiple generations, and extended family members as well as to the child- therefore we believe everyone ought to be able to have FUN and do FUN things.  We believe that by having incredible activities, designed to appeal to our Scouts and their parents, and multiple generations and extended members of their, members of their families will also want to come to our programs.  Choosing to participate in shared adventures with members of your family should occur effortlessly, and in our Scout Programs, it does.  The parents and family members of our Scouts do not need to be invited, nor encouraged to attend our programs, rather the caliber of our activities has them wanting to attend.  Additionally, we provide opportunities for shared experiences that encourage people who play a role in the life of our Scouts to enjoy our programs as well.


Therefore, we offer activities that bring multiple ge nerations and extended family members together naturally, without stress.  We provide programs that are FUN and appropriate for each member of the family, while creating opportunities for shared experiences.  In the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, multiple generations and extended family members are always included.


We help families spend time together in three distinct ways.


1. Families and Scouts Participating in the Same Activity Together

  multiple generations of family

One of those ways is by providing activities in which our Scouts and their families can participate both simultaneously and together.  For example, on our family-oriented camping trips, Scouts and the members of their family spend time together and with other families.  They can cook, fish, or hike together. 


Another example is when our Scouts and their grandparents build soapbox derby cars together or explore the world of sound effects by participating in the re-creation of old radio shows.


We love to see parents and siblings, but also expect grandparents, aunts, half-siblings, step-uncles, and any of the countless other caring people who embrace the child as family to attend if they desire.  When we appreciate the value of our children’s many family ties, these relationships increase in value.


2. Families Playing a Supportive Role in Scout Activities


Another way we help families spend time together is by offering activities for our Scouts in which multiple generations and extended members can play a supportive role.  Just as in a youth league game, family members do not play, but do play a supporting role.  For instance, our awards programs are for our Scouts.  Multiple generations and extended family members are on hand to cheer on their Scout!


Scouts also play football, ride mountain bikes, and participate in other activities in which families can be supportive spectators.


3. Families and Scouts Participating at the Same Time, But Not Together


We also offer activities in which our Scouts and multiple generations of family and extended family members participate simultaneously, but not together.  A sensitivity to the balance between our Scouts as individuals and as members of a caring family is one the concepts that makes the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA unique.


On pizza baking night, our Scouts and their family members each bake a pizza.  Everyone has their own pizza, their own project.  If Mom wants anchovies on her pizza and Dad wants sausage on his pizza, that is fine.  And if our Scouts want jellybeans, that is fine too!  Family members might be across the room from one another, interacting with other families and other Scouts, while participating in the same activity.


We offer opportunities for shared experiences by getting multiple generations and extended family members together, while allowing them the freedom and independence to do their own thing.


Why Shared Experiences Are Important


The normal pattern for youth programs is for parents to drop off their children or the parent is either is a volunteer helper or in a supportive role, such as a fan from the bleachers.  Their grandparents may not be present at all.  In most youth programs children are dropped off, then picked them up an hour or two later, and, afterward the child says they had an ok time and that is as far as the conversation goes.  Many times the reply is just a grunt, if they are listening at all. 


Families want to talk, but often find they have little in common to talk about.  Sometimes “having a discussion with parents” may not sound like much FUN.  By developing opportunities for shared experiences, our Programs give families something FUN to discuss. After pizza night, Mom tells us how good her anchovies pizza was (maybe not!) and our Scouts are full of laughs about eating melted jellybeans!


Perhaps a Scout learned about a new culture at one of our themed dinners, such as “Fiesta Night”, and wants to share that knowledge.  FUN with a purpose allows families to share and discuss naturally, without forcing a conversation.  Everyone attended the activity, and everyone has something to say!  We encourage, in FUN-filled ways, dialogue between parents and their children.  Therefore, we do more than talk about our interest in families; rather, we consciously promote strong families and strengthen family values.

Each and every person can and should have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.  We appreciate that this is a shared responsibility at many levels, particularly parents and other family members.  We are family oriented, promote strong families, and strengthen family values.  Encouraging balanced and natural ways for families to spend more time together is even more important today than in prior generations.   

For Our Scouts with Members of Their Families Who Cannot Attend

If our Scouts have members of their families who cannot participate, we make sure every Scout has a place.  Another family who consistently participates is on hand to support that Scout at each and every event.  No one is ever left out or made to feel uncomfortable.  In the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, no Scout stands alone in the world. 

Become a part of our family!  Through the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, it is easy to strengthen family bonds and forge new ones, which last a lifetime.

Adventure Scouts USA