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boys and girls sitting in the grassThe Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are co-ed, accepting both boys and girls into our Scout Programs.  We are the only fully nondiscriminatory co-ed Scout Programs in the United States.


Why We Are Co-Ed


Dedicated to Inclusion


We are co-ed because the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are committed to inclusion in all forms and equality in practices and policies. We integrate equality into every part of our Scout Programs, at every level, in every resource, practice and policy.   We have established guidelines to ensure that principles of equal opportunity and equal treatment of all shall occur.


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA believe in the Scout Movement’s goal of educating every boy and girl, of treating each equally and of helping every Scout fulfill their promise in life.  We provide an environment in which boys and girls of every age cooperatively interact.  They also receive equal treatment, obtain equal opportunities and share in responsibilities and decision-making.


Internationally the Scout Movement in much of the world is co-ed. 


Life is Co-ed


An integrated program allows boys and girls to work together to build a better world.  Today, in the working world, people spend time together on a co-ed basis.  Learning to work with others, whether it is in a school environment or a Scout Program, is developmentally important for all people.


Children who learn, work and play together as friends with both girls and boys develop healthier relationships as adults.  People with healthy relationships are happier and function better in life. 


Our programs encourage children to learn, work and play together equally.  teens working together


The Scout Program of Adventure Scouts USA programs are designed to evolve.  This flexibility permits everyone to participate in an inclusive, nondiscriminatory program; one that improves the lives of all concerned.


Parents approached us while we were developing out Scout Programs, specifically asking for co-ed Scout Programs.  Many families are comprised of children of both genders.  The vast majority of schools are co-ed.  Similarly, workplaces are co-ed. 


The modern world involves men and women and boys and girls working together and learning side by side.  In the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, Jasmine and Justin both can be pirates.  Our Scouts have the opportunity to discover their strengths and talents by playing various characters during the action hero portion of our Scout Programs.


We develop attributes in our Scouts that help them not only survive, but thrive, such as resourcefulness.  Being in a co-ed environment helps our Scouts prepare for the real world.




As we see it, there is no reason for a parent to run around town dropping Bobby at one youth program and Emily at another.  Our activities are FUN, exciting, and age appropriate, and we have something for everyone.


We promote strong families and strengthen family values by making sure our Scouts, their parents, multiple generations and extended family members have the opportunity to all participate together.  By providing Scout Programs everyone is participating in, we make it possible for youth to interact with other youth and spend time with parents, multiple generations and extended family members simultaneously. In this busy, modern world, there seem to be fewer and fewer hours in the day and fewer opportunities for families to really spend time together.  We make it effortless by providing a Scout Program in which everyone can pile into the car and come to our meetings and activities for family-oriented FUN.




We strengthen our families by being able to funnel all our time, energy, and resources into one set of Scout Programs.  Rather than splitting our energies between a different set of Scout activities, we concentrate on making the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA the best Scout Programs we can create for all.


Ensuring Equality


We all know separate but equal does not work.  Even in the modern age, funding for youth programs for girls is sometimes significantly lower than funding for youth programs for boys.  All of our Scouts receive the same treatment, resources, and benefits in a co-ed Scout Programs.


For Youth in Single-Gender Schools


It is even more important for youth who attend single-gender schools to have the opportunity to interact with youth of the opposite gender.  Since they do not get that opportunity in the classroom, our Scout Programs offer those youth the opportunity to do so in a safe, family-oriented environment.




Our Scouts and members have a lot of FUN in our Scout Programs and we offer our Scouts a great deal of choice and freedom.  But there are a few topics about which we are very serious and one of them is the safety and comfort of our Scouts.  We have a zero tolerance policy against harassment or discrimination of any kind.  All our Scouts are equals and respected, and that premise must be accepted for anyone to join.


Gender Differences


We are determined to ensure equal treatment of all and commit to regular review of policies and practices.  While emphasizing equality and equal treatment, we acknowledge there are differences between males and females.  Although males and females are mixed in all of our programs and teams, they do not share sleeping quarters, changing areas, restrooms, or shower facilities.  Therefore, there must be an unrelated female and male adult present at all activities.


Both boys and girls in our Scout Programs are equally entitled to earn all awards.  There is no difference in the requirements of awards.  Our Scout Programs take into consideration the difference in gender, and concentrate on each individual giving their best.

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