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Let’s Pretend


Children love to play dress up, particularly when they are young.  Costumes, new identities, and imagination are all that are necessary for youth to have FUN playing pretend.


This kind of play is healthy and allows Discovery Scouts to role play.  Role playing is an important part of early education, allowing our Scouts to develop their imaginations, their problem solving skills, and allow them to explore the world safely.


Scouts Choose Their Identities


Scouts decide which identity they want for the party.  Scouts might choose to be a prince or princess, a knight or lady, or even a dragon or the wicked witch.


Party Preparation


Our Discovery Scouts make their own decorations and details.  Costumes can be as easy as old clothes.  If parents have old fabrics, glitter, or any craft supplies, that will help.


The Scouts assemble their costumes at the meeting locations. Below are some ideas:


How to Make a Crown:


With parental supervision, our Scouts can cut a crown shape out of a one liter soda bottle with a scissors or craft knife.


Glue, glitter, and rhinestones add the “regal” effect.  The crown fits easily on a child’s head.


How to Make a Sword:


Pool noodles make great swords.  Another possibility is cut a sword shape out of cardboard.  The handle can be wrapped with ribbon or colored tape.


Using Their Imagination


Scouts should be free to play as they like and make up their own story lines, dances, and identities.


Free play is encouraged and if Scouts are going to sword fight or jump and wrestle, maps can be placed on the floor.




Games are a good way to keep our Scouts interested.


Each Scout says something about the character they are playing:  what their name would be, where they live, how they act, and how they have good character.


That Scout then “tags” another Scout who then tells everyone about their character.  Go around until every Scout has the chance to participate.


Dress Up Beat the Clock is a game in which the Scouts dress in their costumes as quickly as they can.  The first to be dressed has the opportunity to serve treats later.




Sugar cookies are an easy choice and ready made dough can be purchased to be cut up.  Scouts can cut the shapes of the cookie dough into princes and princesses, noble steeds, glass slippers, and more.  They can decorated with sprinkles and icing.


Scouts set up tables and chairs and fill glasses while the cookies bake.


Once the cookies are baked and cooled, the winner of the Dress Up Beat the Clock game can serve them.

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