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We support our Scouts lifelong

Once a Scout, always a Scout!


Our Scouts Programs want to play a role in our Scouts’ lives both today and tomorrow.  Our Scouts and their parents truly are members of our family, and as family, we want to know what is going on with them and how we can help, whether they are current Scouts or were Scouts 20 years ago.  Once a Scout, always a Scout.youth dressed up as college graduate


A Different Kind of Alumni


Most adults have gotten Alumni notifications in the mail from high schools and colleges they attended.  Most adults also throw them in the trash.  There is often a lack of connection between the member and the program or institution they are a member of.  That is a sad reflection on the program or institution.  We believe people want connections in their lives, want to make friends, and know someone is in their corner.


We strive to be the foremost member-service oriented entity of any kind in the United States.  No entity is any better or worse than the people who are its members.  Our focus is always our members and how to improve our meetings, programs, and activities to benefit them. 


Twenty years from now, we want our former Scouts to get excited when they get a notice in the mail about a new team starting up or a new activity, we want them to remember their own adventures, and we want them to ask how they can help.  We understand to create that connection, the burden is on us to create Scout Programs which serve our members beyond their expectations, both now and in the future.

Adventure Scouts USA