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Safety is our primary concern
Our Rising Star Scouts, as action heroes, understand the importance of safety for all
Our Team Counselors and Counselors are always on hand to ensure health and safety

We have a lot of FUN in Scout Programs, but one issue we take very seriously is safety.girls with life jackets in boat We understand the serious nature of dealing with those who are injured, reporting and obtaining help, notifying family members, completing follow-up reports, and physically and emotionally dealing with the effects of injury. Consequently, we conscientiously act by creating safety guidelines for the protection of our Scouts, membership and the general public.

Although we take every precaution with our Scouts, all activities come with some degree of risk. It is essential Scouts and Members be made aware of and reminded that safety for all is the primary concern. An attitude of avoiding accidents and of valuing first aid training must always dominate. Care must be undertaken to ensure that a false sense of security never prevails because the probability of an accident, while low, is still always possible. We believe reminding others that safety is a primary concern and acting safely cannot be repeated too often.

We expect our Scouts and Membership to avoid situations where there is uncertainty. Our Scouts do not participate in activities in which the risk outweighs the benefit.

Adventure Scouts USA