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The Pursue Your Passions Program is an alternative to the Personal Achievement Program.  It is one of the ways our Scouts can choose to participate in our Scout Programs. Successful completion of the Pursue Your Passions Program does not earn the Challenger Award, but our Scouts who complete the Pursue Your Passions Program do receive a significant award reflective of their efforts. Pursue Your Passions is a comprehensive achievement program for our Scouts who want to focus on either existing or new interests.

Unlike the Personal Achievement Program, in which our Scouts accomplish many Challenges on a variety of subjects to earn award levels, the Pursue Your Passions Program allows our Scouts to focus more in depth on a particular area of interest.

Our Scouts' Interests

This path allows our Scouts to focus in detail on an interest they are passionate about. Scouts choosing this path can focus on specific interests they have, such as film making, camping, collecting, baseball, or skateboarding.girl painting Pursue Your Passions is focused on giving our Scouts the opportunity to acquire the knowledge needed to pursue their passion all their lives and if desired, turn it into a potential career. Our Scouts not only improve the skills they have, but they learn other related skills that will be necessary to their success and further adventures.

Practical Life Skills

The Pursue Your Passions Program is comprehensive. Scouts who participate acquire a wide variety of information about their chosen interest. For example, a Scout with a passion for soccer acquires knowledge of how to score a goal, but does much more than that. Our Scout acquires knowledge of and participate in :

* Sports management
* Good sportsmanship and sports ethics
* Teamwork
* Leadership
* Strategy in playing the game
* Sports venues and sports venue management
* Coaching
* Meeting players on the club, collegiate, semi pro, and professional levels
* Meeting staff such as coaches and assistant coaches
* Touring arenas
* Meeting sports agents
* Management or representative of athletes
* Sports medicine and first aid
* Weather - such as predicting how much water on a given surface will force play to stop
* What is the difference between Astroturf and grass? Which kind of surface works best for which sport?
* Grading and construction in the arena
* Ticketing
* Financial services for athletes
* Marketing

Obviously there is much more to soccer than acquiring the knowledge of scoring. We enable our Scouts to become whole people and have the knowledge to turn their passion into a career if they desire.

soccer players


Our Scouts who follow this path acquire necessary skills to pursue their chosen passion in their future and ensures they can proudly say to others; you'll have fun!

Adventure Scouts USA