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One of the unique attributes of our Scout Programs, in keeping with the fact that we are modern Scout Programs, is that we have developed a program in which our Scouts can submit videos to us to be aired on our website.  Our Scouts become investigative journalists, video producers, and creative and critical thinkers. 


We encourage members to send in their videos so all our Scouts and members can see them.  All videos are 1-8 minutes in length.youth with video camera  Videos will be in one of the following categories:


Human interest


Promos and Ads for Adventure Scouts USA


Human interest:  Whether it is a story about an amazing neighbor, an account of a difficult Challenge our Scouts completed, or our Scouts sharing their own lives and interests, human interest videos are FUN and engaging.  We want to see our Scouts performing Challenges and we want them to share their thoughts while doing it.  Did a certain technique work well?  If, for example, a Scout is acquiring the knowledge to how to set up a tent properly, if they find a faster and better way, we want to know about it!  If our Scouts have a Hometown Hero in their town who has done something amazing, or an incredible teacher, send us a video and tell others about them!


Journalism:  Our Scouts are passionate about issues of importance to them, and we encourage our Scouts to develop their critical thinking skills and to apply them to their videos.boy writing  Our Scouts might interview an adventurer, such as an astronaut, or may send us a hard-hitting news story about an issue they really care about.  Before sending in a journalism story, Scouts must agree to our journalism standards, and the information must be fact-checked by the Scout before sending in the video.  Please see our Journalism Standards before making your video.


Promos and Ads for Adventure Scouts USA:  Our Scouts can also create promos and ads for our Scout Programs.  They create ads based on their FUN experiences in our Scout Programs and send them in.  Your promo just might wind up on our website or on TV!


Our Tips for Sending In Quality Videos to Adventure TV document contains tips and hints about creating great videos.  Remember, anytime you feature someone on your video, you must have a release form signed by them or we cannot air the video.  Those under 18 years of age will need a parent or guardian to sign the form for them. 


Please also view the Adventure TV FAQ questions before making or uploading a video.


Send those videos in and watch them on Adventure TV!

Adventure Scouts USA