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We create Activity Reports for our Scouts, which include what they have achieved and leadership positions held

These Activity Reports can be sent to colleges and universities in addition to an academic transcript 


Our Scouts are going places.  They are going to college; they are going on to careers and jobs.  Our Scouts have a lot of FUN in our Scout Programs, but it is FUN with a purpose.  Our Scouts acquire many necessary life skills from Outdoor Living Skills to resourcefulness to critical and creative thinking.  Our Scouts build skills they need for a lifetime which they simply cannot get anywhere else.


Many of our Scouts also serve in leadership positions including Team Leader.  Our Scouts take on responsibility and develop positive leadership skills, including delegating and budgeting.  All of this experience our Scouts accumulate is impressive to employers and to college admissions professionals.  We make it easy for our Scouts to let those who make decisions regarding their future know about their accomplishments.youth working on computer


That is why we created the Activity Transcript.  This is a report which contains the history of each individual Scout’s accomplishments including:

  • Awards received
  • Personal achievements earned
  • Offices elected to
  • Positions held

This transcript is a database in which the Team Counselors list the Scout’s achievements, and is unalterable.  We also include non-Scout activities.  The Scout informs us of their accomplishment, we confirm it, and include it on the transcript.  For example, if a Scout tells us they have volunteered five hours a week at a homeless shelter, we contact the shelter, confirm, and then include that information on the transcript so the Scout can present college admissions professionals and potential employers with one complete transcript of activities.award


Clearly, potential employers and college admissions professionals will be interested in the information.  This also allows our Scouts some bragging rights – not many youth have their own activity transcript!  We also ensure that the information is correct.  We have implemented methodology to ensure the validity of the information.


Our Scouts get the opportunity to let everyone know what they have been doing, and those who have say in their futures get the opportunity to see what our Scouts really have accomplished.

Adventure Scouts USA