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Structured and Unstructured Time

Our Scout Programs provide our Scouts both structured and unstructured time.  Each of our Scouts is both an individual and a member of a Scout Program, a team, and a Crew.  Our Scouts need time spent bonding with their team and fellow Scouts and also time to take in the knowledge they have acquired and to do what they personally want to do.  We enable our Scouts to have adventures with their teams and in smaller groups.

Structured Time

Structured time consists of most programs, meetings, and activities.  Team meetings and activities such as Movie Night and camping trips are done as a group.  We break the larger team up into Crews, 7-8 Scouts, who participate together.  For example Crews camp together:  they tent together, separated by gender, they cook together, and participate in contests together.  three youth hiking

It is important to us as Scout Programs to develop the bonds of brotherhood among our Scouts by providing them with ample opportunities to spend time together.

Unstructured Time

During certain meetings, programs, and activities, we provide our Scouts with free time.  On camping trips, our Scouts can chase a butterfly or play with other Scouts by a stream.  Our Scouts also get the opportunity to spend time practicing their faith and fulfilling religious responsibilities.  

Our Scouts can also spend unstructured time together.  Our Scout Crews get together outside of the team meeting to work on projects and have FUN. youth in fall leaves They create their Crew flag and Crew yell and can work on Challenges together.  Scouts can visit City Hall together and meet the Mayor, for example. 

We understand the balance needed between time spent with others and time spent doing their own thing that is necessary to our Scouts.

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