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We have Standing Committees which volunteers can be a part of.  Interested individuals can contact us to serve on the committees.  The committees and a brief description are below:

Awards Committee:  The Awards committee is responsible for planning and identifying awards.  They determine the name of the award, award criteria, how the award will be presented.
Development Committee:  This Committee is responsible for the fund raising efforts.  They identify possible Foundations to solicit and are in charge of Annual Giving.

Finance & Budget Committee:  This Committee plans the budget and makes financial recommendations.

Marketing Committee:  This committee considers marketing strategies, creates and plans marketing campaigns, and advises on the success of marketing strategies.

Nominating Committee:  This committee identifies others with a specific skill set who may be interested in serving on a Standing Committee.

Strategic Planning:  This Committee is responsible for considering long term goals and helping our Scout Programs evolve with the future.

All members serve without compensation and pay their own way to meetings, held twice each year.  The annual meeting is held each Fall in one part of the United States, with a Spring meeting held elsewhere in the U.S. 
Committee Members are not currently reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses such as postage, long distance phone calls, etc., related to the discharge of their duties.
These committee positions offer significant opportunities for those individuals wishing to volunteer in support of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA by contributing their time and talent.  To learn more about the important opportunities offered by service on one of our Committees, please notify us submitting an email or written expression of interest.  In addition, should you have an individual you believe desires this honor and is appropriate, please nominate them and we will advise of their nomination and ask them whether they are willing to undertake this opportunity to serve.


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