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We chose to have our national operations in the city of Los Angeles in the state of California for several reasons.

Multiculturalgirl standing in front of flags

One of the major reasons is that Los Angeles is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Here people can be found from every country on earth, speaking many different languages. Part of the reason we chose this location is because we are inclusive and fully nondiscriminatory Scout Programs. We want our Scouts to participate with other Scouts who differ from themselves, broadening their horizons and increasing their knowledge base simply by participating.



Easy to Get To


Los Angeles is also a major city that is easy to get to. For our Scouts, Members and Volunteers all over the country who would to come to Los Angeles, inexpensive airfare is available all year long, including special vacation fares.


Mt. Baden Powell


Robert Baden Powell is a part of the history of the Scout Movement. Mount Baden Powell is one of the peaks within the San Gabriel Mountain Range of Southern California and was renamed Mt Baden Powell  in dedication to the efforts of Robert Baden Powell. We are proud to have Mt. Baden Powell, here in the Los Angeles area.

Our Scouts can come from all over to hike Mt. Baden Powell, and doing so is one of the activities and Challenges our Scouts can choose to take part in.


Time Zones


Palm Trees in Los Angeles


We are in the Pacific Standard Time Zone, which means we are 3 hours earlier than the time in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. While we start later in the day than those on the East Coast, we wanted to be available when most families are available – in the afternoon, and evening. Not everyone can take time off work or make phone calls during work. Parents and children are together in the evening, and that is when our members are most likely to want to contact us with questions or concerns. We are available in Central and Eastern Time Zones early afternoon through late evening and in Pacific and Mountain Time Zones from morning through evening.

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