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Position Description for Advisory Council Members

Am advisory board is an informal group of people with specific expertise, brought together on a regular basis to address strategic issues. We welcome experts and professionals in their chosen fields to work with us on the Advisory Board.  Being members of the Advisory Board gives you the opportunity to join a volunteer corps of advisors with the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA while not being responsible for it or its leadership.  Whatever amount of time you have to give is greatly appreciated.

Please note: membership on the Adventure Scouts USA's Advisory Council only signifies the individual's support for the principles embodied in the Mission of Adventure Scouts USA.

We shall provide the leadership to support the growth and character development of our co-ed youth and adult membership and the greater community by providing outdoor skill programming activities that enrich the individual on a non discriminatory basis; putting principles of mutual respect into practice through FUN social activities, outdoor skill programming, character building, personal achievement, learning by doing, and related educational programs promoting good character in our members.

The Bylaws of Adventure Scouts USA set forth the general responsibilities of the Advisory Council:

"[T]o advise the volunteer with respect to matters relating to program practices and standards, development of educational materials, publications of the Adventure Scouts USA, publication of ancillary materials, and any other matters as may be determined by the Board."

Depending on their area of expertise, availability, and professional position, individual Advisory Council Members may therefore be called upon to:

* Review Adventure Scouts USA publications prior to release

* Assist by writing articles, booklets or other pieces for use by the programs of Adventure Scouts USA

* Advise on standards for publication and presentation of papers in other forums

* Attend and present/speak at, to the extent possible, Adventure Scouts USA conferences and meetings

* Recommend, and assist other individuals for the Advisory Council

* Recommend, and provide assistance when appropriate, with individual and institutional sources of funding for Adventure Scouts USA projects and programs

* Set an example by personally supporting the efforts of Adventure Scouts USA financially in proportion to their means and circumstances

* Promote the programs and the image of Adventure Scouts USA wherever possible and appropriate

* Assist in formulating and publicizing the program priorities of Adventure Scouts USA

* Where possible and ethical, inform student researchers about Adventure Scouts USA's research priorities and encourage appropriate research in these directions

* Permit the listing of the Council member's name and professional affiliation (for identification only) as a member of Adventure Scouts USA's Advisory Council on all appropriate Adventure Scouts USA materials

* Provide any other advice and assistance reasonably possible in support of the mission and objectives of Adventure Scouts USA

Advisory Council members serve without compensation.  However, they may approve reimbursement for reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred by Council members while working on behalf of Adventure Scouts USA under policies and procedures established by the Board.

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