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Redirection is an educational philosophy which is used mainly when there is a problem. If a Scout is not performing well or making an inappropriate choice, redirection can be a way to get the Scout to do something different without punishment or reprimand. The best feature is that redirection enables the Scout to find the solution themselves.


In the educational strategy of Redirection, we encourage our Scouts to see when something they are doing is not working and to try an alternate path. Redirection encourages our Scouts to act constructively. When our Scouts appear to need some help, we redirect their efforts by counseling them to try another way.woman with gril and starfish on beach


Another way we redirect is when our Scouts may choose an activity that is unsafe, we encourage them to try to do something similar yet safe. Using this educational philosophy allows our Scouts to spot problems with their own ideas and come up with ways to change them for the better, a much more proactive course than simply telling them they are wrong. Our Scouts develop skills they will use their entire life by learning to self-critique at a young age.

Praise is much more effective than reprimand, particularly as redirection has the advantage of allowing our Scout to edit themselves and then to find a better decision without putting a Scout down or harming their self esteem.

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