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The educational strategy of "natural learning" suggests by loving what one learns, one loves to learn.

In natural learning, the teacher is a coach rather than an instructor.  In traditional education, the student must take an interest in what the teacher is teaching, in natural learning, the teacher takes an interest in what the student would like to learn.

girl fixing toy car


Natural learning focuses on education through motivation.  If the student has no interest in what is being taught, they have no motivation to learn. 

The strategy of natural learning allows the learner the freedom to find a topic they are passionate about.  When the learner begins studying the subject, they will find they need to know certain things to understand it.  For instance, a Scout passionate about launching rockets will quickly find they need to know math in order to launch rockets higher. teen with a test tube In this way, the learner chooses to learn, not because they told to, but because they want to in order to pursue their passions.

Natural Learning also allows for failure, which a traditional classroom does not, wherein those who fail are labeled bad students.  Those who have succeeded the most are also those who have failed the most, because they are doing something and they are trying things out.  It is impossible to separate trying from failure or trying from eventual success.  Failure is just another part of learning in Natural Learning; in fact one learns more from their failures than from their successes.

Natural Learning puts the student in charge of their own education by doing whatever is necessary for the student to be motivated, including choosing what they would like to learn.


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