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The logo of our Scout Programs is a shield with an A.  We are the Scout Program that is filled with adventure!



A is for…Adventure!  Our Scouts embark on their adventure the moment they join our Scout Programs.  Their passport is their own, stamped with the adventures they choose.  Whether our Scouts want to pursue archaeology, acquiring a great three point shot in basketball, service to the greater community, or just having FUN, we support our Scouts’ goals and dreams.  Adventures large and small are around every corner.  Joining is the first stop on the epic adventure of a lifetime!


A is for…Action!  Our Scouts are action heroes who can save the day!  Whether they are performing service to the greater community, helping a friend, or developing true proficiency in first aid, our Scouts are heroes.  Knowing when to act, when not to act, and how to act confidently are all equally as important as action itself.  By enabling our Scouts to develop true proficiency in first aid and outdoor skills, our Scouts act with certainty.  Our Rising Star Scouts, aged 5-10 years, have action hero meetings, in which they come dressed as their favorite action hero!  We enable our Scouts to understand that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  The mail carrier who looks in on an elderly neighbor is a hero.  The person who smiles at you when you are feeling down is a hero.  Our Scouts are true heroes, a force for good in their lives and communities.  They act when needed in the way that is needed.


A is for….Aspire!  Our Scouts have goals and dreams and we help make their aspirations a reality.  Our Dreams Come True Program enables our Scouts to make their aspirations come true.  It does not matter whether our Scouts want to be cowboys, ballet dancers, or firefighters, or whether the dream is only for a day, or they make their dream a career.  We encourage the aspirations and interests of our Scouts.  Our Scouts can choose to earn personal achievement awards.  The highest personal achievement award is the Challenger Award; this award is the result of hard work, dedication, and an epic journey from our Scouts’ first days as a Rising Star Scout to earning this award as a North Star Scout.  It represents our Scouts’ ability to take on challenges in the past, the present, and the future, and is a coming of age for our Scouts.


Our Shield…


Has ten sides.  Our shield has two sides, three steps on each side and two edges at the peak.  These represent the ten parts of the Scout Code:


Our Scout Code:


A Scout is:

A Good Person;
A Responsible Citizen;
A Good Friend and Brother or Sister to all Other Scouts;
Honest and Respectful; 
Responsible and Caring;
Loyal and Ready to Help.


Our shield is a symbol of FUN and adventure, but it also has meaning.  We provide our Scouts with a Scout Code with which to live their lives.  Following the Code enables our Scouts to live lives filled with adventure while being a good person, a good friend, and a responsible citizen.
Adventure Scouts USA