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Our uniform is inexpensive and modern, with a rugged outdoor look

Our uniform consists of a shirt and cargo pants

Uniforms build a sense of belonging and brotherhood because everyone, whatever their circumstances, dresses the same


Our Uniform


Like Scouts everywhere, our Scouts wear a uniform.  Both North Star and Rising Star Scouts wear uniforms, which are similar to each other but may differ slightly in color or design. 


Our uniform consists of a shirt and cargo pants.  Girls may also choose Capri pants when weather permits.  Our uniform is simple and affordable, which was important to us.  We want the uniform to be affordable for all Scouts and all families.  Cargo pants are readily available at most stores and at a wide variety of price ranges.  


Cargo pants are also very popular and Scouts will not be opposed to wearing them. Cargo pants and a shirt also impart a modern, rugged outdoor look.  We appreciate that youth grow fast, and since cargo pants are also appropriate to wear to school, your child can get the most use possible out of them.


The best thing a uniform imparts is similarity.  It does not matter if a Scout’s family is wealthy or poor, if a Scout is skilled at sports, or less skilled, tall or short, or any other difference of identity.  Uniforms bring people together, by creating a feeling of belonging and sameness.  One of the founders of the Scout Movement, Baden Powell, had this to say about uniforms:


“The uniform makes for brotherhood, since when universally adopted, it covers up all differences of class and country.”

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