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The Basics

Who We Are: 

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are the only fully nondiscriminatory Scout Programs in the United States.  Our Scout Programs govern themselves democratically at the team level, providing our Scouts with the opportunity to vote and decide on their own activities.  Our Scouts personalize their own Scout experience.  We stress the importance of being a good person, responsible citizenship, diversity, a spiritual approach to life, and we enhance character as instilled by parents.


Our Mission Is:


We shall provide the leadership to support the growth and character development of our co-ed youth membership and the greater community by providing outdoor skill programming activities that enrich the individual on a non discriminatory basis; putting principles of mutual respect into practice through FUN social activities, outdoor skill programming, character building, personal achievement, learning by doing, and related educational programs promoting good character in our youth members.


Rising Star Scout Promise (5 to 10 year olds)
As a Rising Star Scout
I love my family
And my friends,
Our community and country too.
I wonder about it all, stand tall and true,
and I Give my Best in all I do.


North Star Scout Promise (11 to 18 year olds)
We are united in our common interests and by bond in our hopes and 
dreams.  I am unique, responsible for my life physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  I will live a life of purpose and by the Scout Code. 


I value family, friends, community, and will honor my country.


Scout Motto

The motto of our Scouts is “Give Your Best.”  We chose this motto because we believe that giving your best is the truest demonstration of character.  Our Scouts have different levels of ability.  Some already have experience with sports and outdoor skills, and others do not.  Some have aptitudes on a particular subject, and others do not.  In addition, some of our Scouts have challenges they struggle with everyday.  However, everyone can give his or her best.  Giving your best requires commitment, character, passion and strength.  Giving their best is a reflection of the content of our Scouts’ character, rather than details that make up their identities.  It does not matter which neighborhood our Scouts are from, if English is their first language, or if they use a wheelchair.  Our Scouts choose to give their best, and so they are heroes.


The Adventure Scouts USA Code

A Scout is:

A Good Person;
A Responsible Citizen;
A Good Friend and Brother or Sister to all Other Scouts;
Honest and Respectful;
Responsible and Caring;
Loyal and Ready to Help.
These are not just nice-sounding words. They have meaning. Let them guide you wherever you go, in everything you do. As you say them, resolve to live by their meaning


Our Scout Spirit is inclusion.

Adventure Scouts USA is Committed To:
* Promoting strong families and strengthening family values

* Encouraging the skill of fostering friendship

* Instilling respect for the diversity of others in our Scouts and our membership

* Instilling the skill of leadership in all of our Scouts and our membership

* Instilling true proficiency in outdoor skill

* Instilling a sense of purpose in life through service to others

* Encouraging our Scouts to achieve and excel, to the best of their ability

* Encouraging Scouts to live up to their Motto and always Give Their Best

* Improving the communities in which we live

* Protecting, nurturing, and encouraging responsible use of our natural resources

* Enhancing loyalty and trust within our Communities

* Developing responsible citizenship

* Increasing within society the value that "Character Counts!"

* Enhancing everyday living with an appreciation for the wonder and awe of life

* Creating personal achievement programs that encourage creative and critical thinking and problem solving while providing an introduction to the local community, vocational choices and a broad range of personal interests which are relevant to our Scouts

* Choice in our Scouts Programs

* The highest level of service to our members

* Having FUN

Adventure Scouts USA Provides:

* A safe environment for all

* An environment in which diversity is welcome

* An opportunity for our Scouts to achieve true proficiency in first aid

* An opportunity for our Scouts to achieve true proficiency in outdoor skills

* An environment in which we actively encourage, evaluate, acknowledge and appreciate suggestions from our Scouts, members, parents, sponsors, volunteers, and others

* Equal opportunity access to our Scout Programs for all Scouts, members, and volunteers

* A program that provides our Scouts with follow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually

* The opportunity for our Scouts to enhance character in themselves and others

* Develop creative and critical thinking

* Develop leadership skills.

Adventure Scouts USA Expects:

* Our Scouts to have FUN!

* Our Scouts to live their lives by the Scout Motto and always Give Their Best

* Our Scouts to live and lead their life by the Scout Code and Scout Promise

* Our Scouts, members, volunteers, and staff to act in accordance with our policy of nondiscrimination and the Adventure Scouts USA Scout Spirit of inclusion

* All participants, at all times, to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA


What You Need to Know:


* Our Scouts, choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities.

* Our first and foremost priority is for our Scouts to safely have FUN. 
* We Do More.

* Our Scouts know that even when no one is looking, character counts.

* Our Team Counselors and Counselors go through a rigorous screening process before they are admitted to our Scout Programs.

* We instill a love of nature and an understanding of how to protect it in our Scouts.

* The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are modern Scout programs for all.  Our programs, activities, philosophies, and guidelines are modern. 

* Our Scout Programs operate democratically.

* We encourage our Scouts of faith who want to learn more about their faith to fully embrace it.

* The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA encourage our Scouts to develop a spiritual approach to life. 

* Our Scout Programs offer both indoor and outdoor activities that interest all our Scouts.

* Our Scout Programs are relationship-oriented.

* We promote strong families and strengthen family values.

* We instill in our Scouts the skill of fostering friendship.

* The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA use tools to help our Scouts succeed, and one of them is “P.O.L.E.”.  “P.O.L.E.” stands for Plan, Organize, Lead, and Evaluate. 

* We have created Scout Programs that live up to the well-known reputation of the Scout Movement. 

* Outdoor Skills are skills our Scouts develop which help them be safe in the outdoors and have FUN.

* Outdoor Living Skills also educate our Scouts about minimum impact camping.

* We instill true proficiency in outdoor skills that exceed other outdoor skill programs.

* In our Scout Programs, Parents are Our Partners.

* We have created Scout Programs that are family oriented.  We provide opportunities for our Scouts, their parents, multiple generations, and extended family members to spend time together effortlessly.  We bring balance to families.

* We ask all our Scouts to participate and always Give Their Best, which is our motto.

* Our Scouts have many opportunities to foster their individual passions.

* The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, as a part of its Personal Achievement Program, provide all of our Scouts the opportunity to personally achieve to the level they aspire to.

* Our Scout Programs offer a comprehensive framework that appreciates our Scouts are not just the future; they are also a part of the present.

* Scouts can choose the Purse Your Passions Program which focuses narrowly on their specific interests.

* Being a Scout is about how one lives and leads one’s life
* Our Scout Programs are character-oriented.  We develop character as instilled by parents.

* We are Scout Programs in the American Spirit.

* We provide our Scouts with opportunities to help their fellow man and to find a path in their lives.

* We instill in our Scouts the universal values of being a good person. 
* We instill the six pillar of character, as defined by CHARACTER COUNTS!

* We provide our Scouts with a compass by which to live their lives in the form of a Scout Promise, Scout Motto, and Scout Code

* We are co-ed because the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are committed to inclusion in all forms and equality in all practices and policies.

* One of the things that distinguish The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA from other programs is that it offers its participating youth something sorely lacking in their lives these days: choice.

* We are committed to diversity.

* The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are developed intentionally with the ability to grow and change just like our Scouts.

* One of ways the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA distinguish themselves is through our unique view of leadership.  Leadership is intended to ensure all the Scouts participate fully.

* The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are distinguished because we are the only fully nondiscriminatory Scout Programs in the United States.

Dreams Come True Program
"A" is for Achieve Program
Religious Recognition Program
Ethics Recognition Program
The Game Plan for Life
Fantasy Investing
Eco Advantage
Friends Through Competition Program
Adventurer Contest
Community Resource Program
Community First Responders
Educator Outreach
Entrepreneur Program
Entrepreneur Seminar Program
Inventor Program
Our Scouts and Veterans
Success Talks
Movers and Shakers Seminar Program
The Responsible Voter Program
Shadow for a Day
Job for a Day
Adventurer Contest
Military Funerals
Military Penpals
Star Savings Club
The Congressional Award
Religious Recognition Award
Ethics Recognition Award
Ohana Award
Luminary Award
Starfish Award
Petrach Award
Horizon Award
Educational Philosophies:
Experiential Education
Jigsaw Method
Natural Learning
Walking Around
Active Listening









Adventure Scouts USA