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This may at first glance seem to be something of an overstatement.  However, happy people are people who have a purpose and people who help others.  We provide our Scouts with opportunities to help their fellow man and to find a path in their lives.

compass in the sky

Living a Life of Purpose

There are memorable moments that stand out more than others do.  An example of which is, when without realizing it, you are riding your bicycle without training wheels or assistance for the first time.  Another is the first fish you caught.  Thinking back to those types of experiences, of course you remember what you accomplished.  More importantly, you fondly remember those who were present and a part of your adventure.  One cannot live a life of purpose in isolation.three youth hiking

The Game Plan for Life

Our Game Plan for Life enables our Scouts to individually identify, develop, implement, and track their progress.  Scouts have the opportunity to establish goals and aspirations both within our Scout Programs and within their personal lives.  In addition, the Scouts develop a Plan for Life and a Personal Declaration. 

Our Game Plan for Life encourages our Scouts to think about their past, present and future.  It also encourages the Scouts to think about who they are, what is important to them and what motivates and excites them.  This program permits our Scouts to view in one place different periods of their life.  It also provides periodic opportunities for them to consider whether the direction of their life should change.  When our Scouts determine they are happy with the direction of their life, we encourage them to live each day with passion and spiritually.

A Spiritual Approach to Life

All are encouraged to develop their spiritual approach to life.  For those Scouts of faith, we enable the opportunity to continue to develop their beliefs in ways personal and relevant to them. girl discovering nature  We also enable our Scouts of faith opportunities to practice their faith and fulfill religious responsibilities.

All are encouraged to experience a spiritual approach to life developed via contemplation of life aspirations, friendships, and appreciation of the wonder of nature.  A spiritual approach to life encourages effective ways of developing motivation, positive self-esteem; and the development of one's principles, beliefs and values.

We help our Scouts become whole people, and also happy people.  Join us to improve the life of a Scout today!



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