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Why Sponsor a Team? 

A Team Sponsor has the opportunity to help others have the experience of a lifetime.  Because the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are the only fully nondiscriminatory Scout Programs in the United States, Team Sponsors have the opportunity to offer participation in the Scout Movement to everyone in their community. 

Who Can Sponsor a Team? 


Team Sponsors include churches, temples, schools, parent/teacher groups, government at all levels, community and service organizations, businesses of long standing, and a group of parents.

We would prefer parents sponsor a team only if they have exhausted every other possibility. For the sake of longevity, continuity, safety, and getting our Scouts out into the community, we prefer Team Sponsors who are community entities with a long history because of their established good character in the community.   

The sponsorship of Teams must be consistent with the goals of the Team Sponsor organization and Adventure Scouts USA.

How Does My Organization Sponsor a Team? 

It’s very easy.  You can give us a call or simply print out this Team Sponsor Kit, and go from there.

What is the Cost of Sponsoring a Team? 

The cost is $150 to sponsor teams and $150 per team.  Therefore, if an organization wanted to sponsor one team, the price would be $300, two teams the price would be $450.


What Does it Mean to Sponsor a Team? 


A Team Sponsor has the opportunity to help others have the experience of a lifetime. Team Sponsors provide the team access to its facilities or arranges another location.  Sponsoring organizations accept a modest financial obligation, appoint a committee to oversee the operations of their teams and agree to operate the teams in accordance with the Policies, Organization and Rules of Adventure Scouts USA.


Sponsoring a team permits the Team Sponsor to support their local community and the membership of their entity by sponsoring a team.  Costs are not great and each Team Sponsor finds a place to meet, and assists with grants or subsidy for youth who cannot afford the costs of traditional participation.  The costs of sponsoring a team are not great, but the smiles on the faces of our Scouts are priceless.  The experiences they will have as Scouts will serve them for a lifetime.


What should a Team Sponsor look for in a meeting location?

Obviously available space depends upon the organization.  A school could offer a classroom or cafeteria.  A church or temple could offer a meeting room.  A large enough room for a maximum of 48 Scouts and several adults is required, as well restrooms which are easily accessible from the meeting room.

If it is inconvenient for an organization to offer space on-site, space off-site is also fine.  Scouts must be able to access the meeting space after hours – most meetings will be late afternoon or evening, but Scouts will have activities at night and on the weekend.  It would also be helpful if the team could have a closet or other storage facility at the meeting site.  Scouts will be making and building things and will also need a place to store camping gear.  A kitchen with a stove is also preferred. 


Again, if it is convenient, the Scouts will need access to this storage whenever they need it.   If the team has a challenged Scout, the meeting location must be accessible.  If the team did not originally have a challenged Scout and picked a location which is not accessible, if they do get a challenged Scout on the team, the space must be made accessible immediately or the team must move to another floor or room.  It may be best to pick a meeting location on the ground floor or with an elevator from the start.    



How Quickly are Team Sponsors Approved?  

As quickly as possible. Applications for Team Sponsorship are approved when they are complete. The application is contingent upon the background checks and approval of those applying to be Team Counselors and Counselors for the team. 

My organization has been approved for Team Sponsorship and the Team Counselor and Counselors have been approved, what should I do next?  

Sponsors who know they already have enough potential Scouts interested, can begin working on finding a proper meeting location.  Those who need to find potential Scouts, can do that first.

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