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Sponsoring a team is a great opportunity to support the youth in your community.


The Team Sponsor establishes a Committee, which must have more than two members, to oversee the team.  The Committee will have a Committee Chair, who will be our primary contact.


Team Sponsors also make a modest financial commitment in a yearly membership fee, and by helping Scouts who can not afford the costs of traditional participation with some minimal costs, such as those Scouts who cannot afford their membership fee or cannot afford a uniform. 


Team Sponsors also nominate the Team Counselor and Counselors.  Our youth protection standards are comprehensive, therefore everyone spending much time with the Scouts, such Team Counselors and Counselors, will have a comprehensive background check including fingerprinting.


Other duties include providing a meeting space on or off site for the team to meet.  We prefer if the space has storage and is available after hours and on weekends.  A kitchen is a plus.  If a physically challenged Scout is on the team, the meeting space must be accessible to them.  For example, if a Scout uses a wheelchair, the meeting space could be on the first floor or the second if the building has an elevator.  This is all part of our dedication to being fully nondiscriminatory and inclusive.


Once the application is completely and correctly filled out and sent them back to us with the annual fee, we are ready to approve the Team Sponsorship.  We’ll notify the Committee Chair right away when the organization has been approved!


Welcome to Adventure Scouts USA!  you’ll have fun!


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