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Who Can Join


Our Discovery Scouts are youth aged 2-4 who are eager to join the adventure!


youth playing in the sand





Our Discovery Scouts participate in FUN activities and build social skills.  Parents get the opportunity to participate with their child and have FUN while interacting with other parents who have children the same age.



Our Scouts participate in FUN activities such as sports, puppet shows they put on themselves, Prince and Princess Parties, and much more. 


Scout choice is as important in our Discovery Scouts Program as it is in our other Scout Programs.  Discovery Scouts participate hands on, whether it's making ice cream or putting on a play!


Like our Rising Star Scouts, our Discovery Scouts occasionally come to meetings, activities, or sleepovers dressed as their favorite action hero.


They can serve especially as an opportunity for our Scouts to introduce their younger siblings to our Scout Programs.  Every member of the Discovery Scout Programs is invited however, whether they have a sibling in our Scout Programs or not.


Your action hero is welcome to join the adventure of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA!

Adventure Scouts USA