Buffalo Bill Print

Buffalo Bill was born William Cody in Iowa in 1846.  He was many things including a gold miner and a Pony Express messenger before joining the Union army as a Scout.  He served in the Civil War and also fought during the Indian Wars.


After leaving the army, he was employed by the Kansas Pacific Railroad to feed the many railroad workers.  He was so proficient at hunting buffalo, “Buffalo Bill” quickly became his nickname.


Later, he was immortalized by publisher Ned Buntline whose stories were a mix of fact and fiction.  Buffalo Bill joined Buntline’s stage show “The Scouts of the Plains.” 


Proving a natural on the stage, Bill later created “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show”.  The show also starred Annie Oakley, a renowned crack shot.  The show was an overnight sensation and went on to perform in Europe.  It is highly likely that this well-known show was an influence on later founders of the Scout Movement.